Below, please find some of our product endorsers and real letters/statements from happy customers!

Helen Mathson Dusdee is a great horse trainer and I would trust her on anything she is saying about her horses. I'm sure her horses are what she says they are. I would encourage anyone that is looking for a good horse to check out Dusdee's horses."

Dominique Hendrickson "I bought a colt from Dusdee Shepperson and he is a very very nice colt! Awesome people to work with. Very honest about everything! You couldn't purchase a horse from more honest people! They have a nice string of horses! We absolutely love our horse from them."

Both Arnie and MG are healed up completely, MG now takes his right lead like he wouldn't before you treated him.  I am highly recommending your machine, and I am a hard sell.  K.P. Wyoming

We did not have to put Vegas down after all.  After the vets diagnosed him with a broken shoulder, we did the three treatments with you and then turned him out in the pasture.  He is now walking fairly well, he isn't dragging it anymore and most of the time he seems to be moving normal.  E.H. Wyoming.

I had hip replacement surgery in December 2008.  I recently tried to walk without my crutches.  I had a horrible "zinger" of pain in my back so bad it could knock me down.  I went to my doctors, and they did a CAT scan, they found a cyst on my disc.  They injected it with cortizone, that lasted a week, they wanted to inject it again, and I called my old veterinarian who said don't, that I was better off to let them do surgery.  Dusdee was determined to show me that her instruments could at least help with the pain until I decided what I needed to do.  Her and her mother came out to my home, in between barrel races and stayed with me.  They aggressively treated my back, after three treatments, I was no longer using my crutches.  I had one small zinger the second morning, which before I had been having daily.  After 7 treatments, I was walking timidly around waiting for the "zinger" to come back.  They left to go on to the barrel race.  It has now been a month and a half and I am still not using my crutches.  I am walking better than before, and am starting to exercise on my stationary bike again.  I have had no further "zingers."  I have not had to take anything for pain, or have any further injections.  I truly believe what those girls did for me is what helped me.  J.G. Idaho

"I truly believe your therapy speeded up my horses suspensory healing, I want to bring you my other horse that got hurt this past weekend so you can work on him now." V.T. Wyoming
(This horse was supposed to be laid off for a year, as of February, I treated him a month, he is currently being legged up for competition, it is Sept.)

"Candy" just ran the fastest time of the Elko trials, he won his heat by a length and a half.  (Treated with 3 treatments two weeks prior to race)

"My yellow horse is working awesome, Ya, he was only 3 tenths off Danna Willis horse (Six Pac) this weekn, thank u a lot.  He is not crazy anymore and he is really runnin."  via text msg from K. Cross
{we did one pre performance treatment at a barrel race on him}

"Marilyn S.  believes that your electric therapy is what healed her mare up....just wanted to let you know that she had told us that."  {Mare had a "phantom" nerve issue, she was always biting at her flank until she bloodied it, she moved "off" in her hind, but constant chiro had not fixed it, and last she had bucked off her owner.  We did three treatments}
face to face from veterinarian, G.G.

I had a little trick riding episode on my barrel horse last weekend.  Leaving the third barrel, he locked on to second and ducked to turn it, throwing me off on the left side, then he ducked back under me as I pulled myself back on and I went over the right side, got back in the middle as we got to the fence.  When I got off of him, I realized he had re-pulled a groin injury that I had from getting bucked off several years ago.  I could barely walk to my trailer, and it was really hard to step into it.  After I took care of him and put him up, I went to the trailer and gave myself an acuscope treatment.  I was still pretty sore, but better and had to run another horse in the open.  After that, I did several treatments on other horses and did not get to bed till late.  I was scared to wake up the next morning, afraid I would be unable to roll out of bed.  Amazingly, the groin did not hurt at all.  That day I lost both my stirrups and my legs are sore, but the groin is not.  Since I often have had that groin jump up and bother me, I was amazed, even knowing already how awesome the acuscope is, at how it helped me to go on and ride and win the Red Desert Derby this past weekend.  That is just one of my personal testimonies.  Dusdee
 HI Dusdee
How are things with you? We went to the Great Lakes Nationals in Gifford, Illinois last weekend and the girls did good. They didn't get in the money but had good clean runs! On Saturday night when they were getting ready to run Emmie noticed her bridal was broke...and she said I'm going to run anyway. So she did and ran her fastest time of the weekend! When she came out her bridal was hanging off to one side. But as you know the wonderful horse that Glitter is she did her job and of course took care of Emmie. I guess that shows the trust that they have in each other and it is so wonderful. I honestly don't know how we will ever find another horse like her she is just so awesome!!! I just can't say enough good things about her she is pretty much perfect to us! God blessed us when we found her!!
Thank You for sharing her with us!
Brenda (via email)

Thought I would pass on an interesting observation about Turbo, I had him shod today, since he was paralized even though he got to moving seemingly normally when you tried to pick up the two right legs it was like they were glued to the ground, Almost like he had no feeling you could pull the hair , tap on them whatever and the only way to pick them up was literally physically pull them off the ground, then he would not fight you and you could trim and shoe him but whenever you put it down you had to do the same thing again. Today he just normally picked up both when shawn ran his hand down the leg, he seemed totally comfortable and picked each up many times , Shawn noticed it immediately and commented on it because he has shod and trimmed him several times since whatever happened ,happened and had to totally pull the leg off the ground. Seems as though he has more feeling back in those two legs now.
Kitty Peck, via email, Jan 8..(we did one spinal opening on Turbo)

ok, mgs loins arent tender at all this morning, will do the stretch and just let him trot and move, arnies {thoropins} are just about flat!

Kitty Peck, via email, one day after ending treatment

last night I ran my fingers down mgs loin and on the third try he reacted a bit , the first time he just stood there which surprised me,by the third try you would expect a reaction I think, on any horse ,arnies windpuffs seem softer and smaller I may put the stretch leg wrap on this weekend to put some pressure on the fluid but it certainly seems to be dissipating.
Kitty Peck, via email (We did a spinal opening on MG, he had a back so sore you could drop him to the ground with very slight pressure) (We were working on thoropins on Arnie, we did 3 treatments on him.)

I need to get some more Turbo. We are calving 100 first calf heifers. (boy they can be stupid...) and we have brought two calves back from dead with the Turbo paste, and I'm not kidding. The first one was past the death bawl, when I thought of the turbo. We dosed him that night, but figured he wouldn't see morning. He did, and we dosed him again. By the second day was up and eating and turned out the third day. I need to have it in stock for my foals too. Kathi, Colorado

Hi Dusdee
I just wanted to let you know that we bought Glitter! We went and picked her up on Thursday. We came home on Friday and went to an NBHA show for the weekend. Emmie and Glitter did great. She got 1st in the youth (9-13) both Saturday and Sunday. She also ran in the open on Sunday and had an awesome run. She didn't place but her time was 16.959 and I believe that the fastest time was around 16.050. That was just great! I do believe that Emmie and Glitter are going to get along great and become best of friends. We have already fallen in love with her. Randee and Bob are great people and very honest. I believe that Glitter is everything that you and them had told me. Thanks so much for you honesty!!! I will send a couple of pics after I get them downloaded on my computer.
Thanks again and we will keep in touch!
Brenda Romann

Yeah.... Ash and Glitter won their first barrel race! We went to a small rodeo where they had a junior barrel (15 and under) race and Ash won! It was raining, the pen was sloppy and I was a nervous wreck. Ash walked in (you had to, it was so slick) , galloped slow to the first then let Glitter go to the rest. She outran everybody by a long shot. I was so proud of both of them. The announcer was funny saying that finally someone was going to turn it into a real race. Ash thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. We now have officially won 1 barrel and 1 pole. Breakaway is underway and I am certain we will have a win there too.
Randee Masters