Mindy Larkin wins the final Big Horn Rodeo Circuit Rodeo at Meeteetsee. There were 10 rodeos in the circuit. We did not attend the first two. Out of 8 rodeos, she won Meeteetse in May, HH FAmous Willard won Greybull, Mindy won Lovell and Cowley, HH Famous Willard was 3rd at Tensleep, Mindy was 2nd at Worland, 6th with a bad over reach at Basin, and won Meeteetse labor day, between the two of them they won the Big Horn Rodeo Circuit Barrels.

HH Famous Willard wins 2nd in the 2d average out of 300 runners over a 4 day average. He was also 10th OVERALL in the 4 day average.

A "horsewoman" first, a barrel racer second.  That is how I prefer to be thought of. 
I have been blessed to have had horses my whole life.  I believe that God has given me a very special gift with horses.  I started training horses when I was 12. Every day, I live to be with my horses.  I seek out more knowledge and ways to better communicate and achieve great performance goals with them.  I showed horses in 4-H and FFA growing up and judged horses in FFA in high school.  I won three different rodeo queen titles.  I barrel raced just a little, because I did not have the opportunity to go like the other kids.  When I got married, my husband encouraged me to train my horse on barrels.  I didn't really know what I was doing, but I knew how to get a horse to really turn a cow...
Little did he know he was creating a monster inside of me, a monster that consumed me after I won my first check!  I eat, sleep and breathe barrel racing.  I constantly strive to be better.  I believe in one big word...dedication. I believe that a horse needs to be on an excellent program, nutrition wise, their teeth taken care of, routine worming, and great farrier and veterinary care.
I exercise my horses a minimum of five days a week.  We do hills and alternate endurance, arena time and breezing.  If we compete on the weekends, they get the following day off and worked a couple days and one off if we are heading out again. 
I strive to be very consistent and fair to them in their barrel training. I do not believe in blowing a horse up.  If you see me at a barrel race, you will see that my horses want to go in and they want to play the game.  I let them come into their speed at their own pace.  My  first barrel horse just retired in 2016 at 25 years of age.  That is a true testament of a trainer.
I also believe that if you start with a horse with a willing attitude and athletic ability, that will determine what level of barrel horse you will end up with.  I think that people spend too much time forcing a horse that has no desire or ability to be a barrel horse, only to end up frustrated.  There are so many nice horses out there, stop being frustrated and start enjoying barrel racing again.
I offer both riding and barrel racing lessons.  I offer the same approach to humans as to horses.  I seek to build up your confidence and riding ability.  I take great joy in watching my students succeed.
At this time I am not taking any outside horses in for training.  Thank you :)