Willy updates 

I can't believe it has been over 5 years since a Willy blog.  I still  have him, still run him.  Last year we tried to run at some rodeos, we didn't do as well as we hoped to, but Willy ran hard all year for me with zero soundness issues and was strong all year.  I credit that a lot to the products we use and represent.  He is also growing up and learning to take care of himself a little better :)  I will try to blog better this year.  Facebook is the place to follow us, on The Electric Horse & Rider page!

Eleven years ago, my friend Mila was browsing horse websites on the internet and forwarded me a colt I "might be interested in."  This colt was 2 yrs old, a stallion, and had Dash Ta Fame in his bloodlines, which I had mentioned I was looking for.
I sold my current horse, Glitter and sent a check to the owner for HH Famous Willard.  While we were at the Xtreme Barrel Race in Salina, Utah, we went down and picked him up.  He shook his head at me and sassed me when I went to catch him.  He proceeded to whinny and run around his stall for 2 days, lathered from head to toe.  I wasn't sure what I had brought home. 
We started him lightly as a two year old, only about seven rides.  He was so intelligent and willing from the get go, if he wanted to buck, I could reprimand him verbally and he would drop his head and sigh, as if to say "fine."  We gelded him that next spring and I rode him about once every couple of weeks thru the summer.  He is a horse that meets you at the gate and asks what we are doing that day.
That winter I took him to Arizona and worked him on the bushes around the place I was staying at.  He only got to see the barrels a few times.  His four year old year I continued training him through the year and started taking him to a few exhibitions mid summer on. 
December 2007 began our futurity year and it has been a wonderful and blessed year.  Here are the highlights of some of his races.  He is such a superstar, I thank God every day for him.  He blesses all those whose lives he touches.

Barrel Futurities of America-wins ck his first race
New Years Eve Rodeo-wins 3rd
Runs two 17.4 second runs on standard patterns in AZ, outrunning several NFR horses.
(14th out of 353 runners at Greg Olson Memorial open last day)
Places in the 1d behind several NFR horses at another race in AZ.
Wins Amateur second go at Beth Cooper Memorial Futurity.
Runs the fastest time of the Utah Barrel Racing Futurity in April. (Places 2nd in the avg.)

  • wins fast time coat, trophy breast collar, halter, classic boot bag, cap

Places in the avg at Idaho Barrel Futurity

  • pulls 7 checks out of the weekend
  • wins horse blanket and water tub and 'won' boots.
  • 2nd in amateur both go's and average

Runs the fastest time of the Red Desert Futurity in June. (Places 3rd in the avg.)

  • wins jacket, trophy breast collar, bronc halter

Wins 3rd in the avg his very first pole bending competition ever (Fizz bomb pole futurity)

  • wins jacket, cruel girl gift certificate
  • wins 1st go of amateur barrel futurity

Runs the fastest time of the Roper Rally Futurity in September.

  • wins halter

He has won in the 1d most of the season and topped the 2d when he wasn't "on." 
2008 earnings $12,000+

 9th in the Nation, XL Futurity Tour, 5 yr olds (out last part of season)

  • wins headstall with buckle on it 

6th, year end, AW4D, State of Wyoming

  • wins spurs

***2012 Update, Willy has now won close to $30,000 LTE, he continues to be a great barrel horse and is making a super nice heel horse for me also.  He is very special.

{Dont forget to check out Willys picture in the November 2008 issue of Barrel Horse News!} Roper Rally Futurity

"He don't run out of pedigree"

HH Famous Willard

2003 Sorrel Gelding 14.3 hands, 1100 lbs

Streak A Dash

1996 chestnut stallion, owner Jim Gibbs, Hammett, ID (208)366-2110

Streakin Six

1977 chestnut stallion

Easy Six

Miss Assured




Got Alot Going

Late Nite Flame

sorrel mare

Whatta Landing

Jet Landing

Eighty Isle

Nite Life Cash

Dash Ta Fame

SI 109, LTE $290,812 Leading sire of barrel horses for over a decade.

First Down Dash

Sudden Fame

The Nite Life

Willys 3 futurity fast times